about us

The OBN Academy is a state of the art facility for basketball developmental programming for children ages 6-18. It features a 700 seater indoor basketball arena with health and fitness centers, entertainment area, merchandise shop, locker rooms, media production room for OBN TV and podcast content.

Established by Retired NBA Star, Obinna Ekezie, our core focus at OBN Academy is to develop young talents in Nigeria and across Africa. Our goal is to create the most professional environment possible for our players to progress. By surrounding ourselves with some of the best and most qualified coaches across Africa, our academy offers specially developed training to address all aspects of the game: technical, tactical, and physical.

OBN Academy’s basketball program focuses on position-specific instruction, a competitive schedule, year-round training and development, and frequent communication and evaluations for athletes and their families regarding their progress. OBN basketball features a variety of teams at various levels and age ranges to ensure each athlete has an enriching experience while competing against teams that will further develop their potential. We are proud of the overseas basketball opportunities we create for our athletes who are looking to receive U.S/Canada athletic college scholarships, as well as helping already formed players on their path to success. Regardless of your current skill level and status we can help you develop your capabilities to the limits.

our goal

OBN Academy is designed to discover and invest in upcoming basketball talents and provide them the education, network, coaching, health and lifestyle advice that each player needs to make a successful career in basketball. Our programs are specifically designed and spread out at different times of the year to meet the needs of talents across Africa.

Popular Programs

OBN Developmental Program

With the OBN Developmental Program, we work with your child to maximize their potential and help them receive athletic scholarships in the U.S or Canada. We work with our players to reach the athletic standards required to receive USA/Canada college scholarships together with a top-level education and eventually obtain an international degree.

OBN After School Program

Enjoy our after-school programs made up of camps and clinics scheduled daily, weekends-only, monthly and during the holidays. Using our progressional curriculum and focusing on the whole player, we teach your child the skills they need for both on and off the court to be a better athlete.

OBN Hoop Club Program

The OBN Hoop Club is an amazing club of basketball lovers who have fun playing basketball in the evenings, after work hours or during weekends. As a member of the OBN Hoop Club, you have full access to our 700-seater indoor court and world-class gym. It is also a great avenue to meet new people, network and build relationships.