The Programs at OBN are designed to meet the needs of different types of players — with resources and insight gathered from renowned basketball professionals and expert coaches we work with.

With the OBN Developmental Program, we work with your child to maximize their potential and help them receive athletic scholarships in the U.S or Canada. We work with our players to reach the athletic standards required to receive USA/Canada college scholarships together with a top-level education and eventually obtain an international degree.


Enjoy our after-school programs made up of camps and clinics scheduled daily, weekends-only, monthly and during the holidays. Using our progressional curriculum and focusing on the whole player, we teach your child the skills they need for both on and off the court to be a better athlete.

DURATION: Daily, Weekends only, Monthly, Holidays

PRICE: 5,000 NGN / Daily
20,000 NGN / Weekly
30,000 NGN / Weekends only
60,000 NGN / Month
170,000 NGN / Quarterly
660,000 NGN / Yearly

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The OBN Elite Basketball Developmental program focuses on Academic Excellence in conjunction with Elite Basketball Skill Development and is a pathway for our Student-Athletes to earn full Basketball Scholarships in high schools and colleges in the United States.

DURATION: 9 Months

Registration fee: 10,000 NGN
120,000 NGN / 1 month
360,000 NGN / 3 months
1,080,000 NGN / 9 months

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The OBN Hoop Club is an amazing club of basketball lovers who have fun playing basketball in the evenings, after work hours or during weekends. As a member of the OBN Hoop Club, you have full access to our 700-seater indoor court and world-class gym. It is also a great avenue to meet new people, network and build relationships.

DURATION: Daily, Monthly, Yearly

PRICE: 2,000 NGN / Daily
25,000 NGN / Monthly
200,000 NGN / Yearly

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The OBN Gym is an exceptional community for fitness enthusiasts, welcoming both our basketball athletes and fitness-minded outsiders. Here, you can challenge yourself with early morning workouts, post-office sessions, or weekend fitness routines. As part of the OBN Gym community, you gain full access to our top-notch fitness equipment and facilities. It's also a fantastic platform to network, form connections, and cultivate lasting friendships with like-minded individuals.

DURATION: 12 Months

PRICE: Monthly: 15,000 NGN
Quarterly: 39,000 NGN
Annually: 150,000 NGN

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