OBN Hoop Club Memberships

Typically for Young Working Professionals [Male and Female: 18 – 45+ years]

Have Fun Playing Basketball in The Evenings After work hours or during Weekends — Meet New people, Network and Build Relationships

The OBN Hoop Club is an amazing club of basketball lovers who just want to have fun playing drama-free games — after work hours or during weekends.

You are out on the court to have fun and we provide fairly competitive games for you to participate in. 

Basketball is a fun, fast, and stamina-building sport— with players burning up to 600 calories per hour. The dribbling, passing, and shooting help improve your athleticism, balance, and coordination (mental and physical)

And this is also a great way to….

  • Meet new people 
  • Network 
  • Build amazing relationships 
  • And improve your communication skills 

As a member of the OBN Hoop Club, you have full access to our 700-seater Indoor Court and world-class Gym and you can come everyday — if it fits your schedule

Can’t come every day?

No problem, just come in whenever you’re free and no matter what day(s) you pick, you’re always going to have fun memories here.

How do I get started?

It’s very easy. Just pick any of the packages that work for you. Then sign up, show up and have fun.

OBN Hoop Club Daily Pass :

A day's access to our 700-seater Indoor Court and World-class Gym

₦2,000 / day

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  • 1-Day Access (Weekdays or Weekends)
  • N2,000 Only
  • Meet New People
  • Network
  • Build amazing relationships

OBN Hoop Club Monthly Pass

Monthly access to our 700-seater Indoor Court and World-class Gym

₦25,000 / month

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  • Monthly Access (Weekdays or Weekends)
  • N25,000 Only
  • Meet New People
  • Network
  • Build amazing relationships



Yes, as a member of the OBN Hoop Club, you can sign up for coaching lessons to improve your skills. Each coaching session is N5000 per hour. Our expert coaches, who are always on ground are here to help you improve your basketball skills on a day-to-day basis.  They will also provide guidance on warm-up and stretching exercises that must be done before and after playing the games. These will help prevent injuries.

Our medical personnel will also be on ground to provide medical services if required.

A whole lot of fun!!!  Our coaches manage the pickup games so they are as competitive and enjoyable as possible.  Playing basketball regularly is a fun way of getting physically fit.  Your stamina and fitness level will massively improve with regular play.

When you pay for our yearly membership plan, you get the branded OBN gear. There’s white and black — just choose your preferred color. You can kit up in that whenever you’re coming to the facility. But if you feel like bringing your own gear, no problems at all.

Yes. Once you pay, our system archives your name as a new member of The OBN Hoop Club, and when you arrive at the OBN Facility, you can pick up your membership card at the reception.

And get started right away

Absolutely. If you want to register for a loved one, just pick any of the packages, fill in the person’s details and click the Pay now button. And when they’re coming to the Club, they pick up their membership card at the reception.

That’s it.

Contact us on 0700(OBNHOOPS) or 07006264677.